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The Benefit of SmartSolutionsTM

As publishers understand, print ads and online profiles are highly effective sales solutions. However, most existing ads are not optimized to reach the highest number of targeted consumers. SmartSolutionsTM is the answer to this problem. With the SmartAdsTM tool, publishers can access keywords and phrases when creating ads and upgrading online profiles. This means increased visibility for advertisers and more sales and revenue for publishers.

Product Features

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SmartAdsTM is a proprietary software that produces a SmartSheetTM. The SmartSheetTM generates words and phrases that other like-minded businesses use to market and brand their businesses. This information can be used for optimizing websites, social media posts and sales collateral.

Trusted Local BusinessTM Certification

The Trusted Local BusinessTM Certification Program is dedicated to helping businesses be identified as an experienced and trustworthy company that offers only the best business practices as it relates to all of their products and services.

Trusted Local BusinessTM Seal

The Trusted Local BusinessTM Seal is one of the simplest ways to highlight the reliability, trustworthiness, and integrity of a business. When potential customers make a purchasing decision, they want to know that they can trust a business over competitors. A seal distinguishes reputable organizations from less reputable ones. A crucial aspect of marketing and promotion is helping customers make the right buying decision. When you place a Trusted Local BusinessTM Seal in an email, business card, website, social media, and sales collateral it shows potential customers that the business they choose has an excellent reputation and can be trusted.

Listing Management + Monthly Reporting

The Listing Management Service validates a business address, phone number, and other data information as it relates to a business. Then a listing data report is run against public and private records to determine the overall data integrity. The business listing data is then pushed through our network of aggregators to other online directories and search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yelp, this will grow a business' ranking on the internet. Monthly reporting shows the listing progress and its increased online visibility score.

Trusted Local DirectoryTM Listing

In addition to listing a business in your directory, your optimized listing is also placed on the Trusted Local DirectoryTM. The Trusted Local DirectoryTM is a powerful search engine that allows businesses to rank higher in local search to drive more leads!

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By bringing together the best of data and technology, SmartSolutionsTM will help Publishers make the most of their data to create a higher level of understanding of customer insights so they can remain competitive. Smart SolutionsTM leverages advanced analytics and AI to create actionable plans for our industry. With cutting-edge solutions, Publishers can ensure that data is used to its fullest potential. Smart SolutionsTM is revolutionizing our industry and bringing advertising excellence for the 21st century.

Some Words From Our Happy Clients

What our industry constituents are saying about SmartSolutionsTM

SmartSolutionsTM has made it possible for me to be a success. As a veteran advertising salesperson there has never been anything that has motivated me more and has made it possible for me to have more conversations with my advertisers whether it was in-person, on the phone or via email.

Cathy Mogler


SmartSolutions is a cloud-based sales tool to support members of the association that want to grow their business by leveraging the content of their print and online ads,” said Cindi Aldrich, President and CEO of ADP. “The SmartSolutions tool was built to empower media sales reps to discuss the value of print and online advertising together, increasing revenue and profitability for our members.

Cindi Aldrich

President and CEO, Association of Directory Publishers